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3D Scanning

Big Country Industrial Geomatics uses cutting-edge laser scanning and point cloud technology to capture measurements with incredible accuracy. There is a great deal of potential in 3D laser scanning for industrial, mechanical, and construction, as it provides x, y, and z axis measurements down to the millimeter.

Aerial View of Residential Neighborhood

Laser Scanning System

The 3D laser scanning from Big Country Industrial Geomatics is extremely fast and efficient, obtaining 3D point cloud data (millions of digital points) for detailed measurements and documentation. At close to 976,000 measured points per second, our Leica 3D laser scanner captures detailed 3D surface information of complex environments in just minutes.

Documentation & Ground Disturbance

We take pride in the quality of our as-built documents. Our team understands that accuracy and clear information are of the utmost importance, and our final documents reflect that. All permits are produced in a timely fashion as well preventing delays and helping us meet deadlines. We also track site progress and update drawings daily with current civil, electrical, and piping installations.